France Short Synopsis


We finally bought a place in France. It wasn't too difficult; in fact it was good fun. Houses are still relatively cheap, but they're going up slowly as more and more Brits move over the Channel. Property isn't suffering like it is in Britain, and it's a good bet. Our place is worth about 60,000: in Sussex it would be 260,000.

We started off as green as anyone else, liking the idea of living in France and wondering what to do next. Like everyone else, we learned as we went along that the three questions you must answer before you make a pig's ear of everything are:

what do you want the property for - retirement, a holiday home, an income producer?

what area do you want it in - near Britain for easy access, in the South for sun etc?

what's the most you can afford?

You can't really separate them completely: they're all reflections of the bigger question -

why France anyway?

This isn't a practical, how-to-do-it book. It's a glimpse of how we did it, the mistakes we made, and some no-holds-barred comments on life in la belle France.

There are things you should know ..........