GRAIL Synopsis


            An unusual romance in the style of Nancy Mitford. It recalls student days at Edinburgh, but has darker undertones.

Young socialite, Clarissa, leaves her convent school to become a student at Edinburgh.  She lives with a gay professor, but manages to acquire two stunning suitors - both her cousins. Strange pressures are put on her by two groups to fall in love with their particular candidate.  She gradually learns of her family connection with the rumoured Grail bloodline. 

            One cousin falls for her, but she herself has fallen for the other - devastatingly male and dreamy - and elopes to Gretna Green with him.   A last minute phone call to her mother for her blessing brings shattering news and a resolution of a recurring dream.  

            Things come to a head at Roslyn at her initiation into Freemasonry.  A buried family secret dictates an unexpected ending. With a last minute twist, the Priory of Sion's plans are foiled - this time at any rate.  She marries one of the cousins.