Look at these words and expressions and their definitions. Then read the story "Ibiza or Birmingham?"and decide which word or expression best fits the gap. Then click the empty text box and type your answer. Then click the answer box.

looked out onto - gave a view of a particular object from a particular place.
The hotel room window looked out onto a beautiful square below.
broke into  - started or began to do something. As soon as he finished the story, the audience broke into laughter.
turned up - appeared or arrived. There was a fight in the pub, but it stopped when the police turned up.
waiting on tenterhooks - waiting in a state of suspense or great excitement I took my exams and now I'm waiting on tenterhooks for the results.
lock, stock, and barrel - all or everything, usually when it includes a variety of objects. I bought the house lock, stock and barrel:  furniture, fittings, the lot.
from scratch - to start something from the very beginning After the war the city was in ruins. It had to be built up from scratch.
making money hand over fist - earning a lot of money very quickly. Since we advertised, we've been making money hand over fist.
lay it on thick.- exaggerate something. I pretended to be ill. I laid it on really thick They thought I was dying!
consulted - looked up information (in a book, for example) I couldn't remember her birthday, so I consulted my diary.
addressed - gave attention to a matter or problem. You haven't addressed the main problem - we just can't afford a new car.
respective - each's own, individual,  separate
We had translators, so we each spoke in our respective languages.
apprehensive - worried or fearful about something which might happen. Our factory closed down, and I feel very apprehensive about the future.
booming (slang) - describes a business which is very profitable. Now that we're on the Internet, our business is really booming.
dodgy (slang) - describes something/body doubtful or suspect. I thought he was dodgy, and then I found out that he'd been in prison.
hang on (slang) - expresses doubt about something another person has said. "You're late!"  "I missed the bus."  "Hang on. You just said it was the train."



"Good evening, sir," the waiter greeted them.

"Good evening," replied David. "We booked a table for half past eight."

"The name?", enquired the waiter.


The waiter
his register.

"Ah yes. A table for four. May I take your coats?"

The two couples handed them to him, and he hung them up on hooks behind the counter. Then he invited them to follow him to a table by the window, which
a garden at the back of the restaurant.

What a beautiful fountain!" exclaimed Angela, Peter's wife, as they took their seats.

"Isn't it just?" agreed Sara. "Ibiza is full of them."

"Could we have the menus, please?" said David.

While they waited, the two men their main business, which was to convince their wives that both couples should sell their pubs back in Birmingham in order to purchase joint-ownership of a club here in Ibiza. This would not be easy, because both Angela and Sara were very English, and would probably miss their native country tremendously.

"Well then, girls," began David. "Have you decided yet? We’ve been

waiting for your decision."

Angela looked

"I don't know, Dave. It seems an awfully big step. To sell up

and move out here."

"Yes," agreed Sara. "because we'd have to start again

"No, we wouldn't, because the club which I have in mind to buy is already profitable. I know the guy who owns it, and he's making money   

"That's right," added Peter. "The club business here is . The island is full of British kids who want to dance all night long."

a minute," said Sara. "I read in the papers that there are some pretty people involved in this business. Gangsters and drug dealers and the like."

Dave and Peter grinned at one another.

"You don't want to believe everything you read in the newspapers, girl,' Peter reassured her. "They always
. Anyway, I've known the owner of this place for ages. He's honest."

Angela and Sara looked at one another and there was a long silence. Then Angela a grin.

"All right, you've convinced us!"

At that the moment the waiter    with the wine list. Dave thumped his hand on the table and exclaimed, "Forget the wine! Let's have the champagne."