Here are some common English idioms. Idioms are very useful, and they're used all the time. But there are no rules, so you just have to learn them. Choose the best answer from the drop-down menu for each of the blank spaces. Click on the one you think is right.

When you have finished three questions, check the answers.  Learn the idioms and try to make another sentence using each one.

1.  Try holding the golf club this way. You'll soon

2.  I trusted you, but you betrayed me. They told me you would

3.  It's no good stopping in the middle. You should

4.  I couldn't solve the problem yesterday, so I

5.  Suddenly I knew just what to do - I

6.  The policeman saw the thief breaking into the house, and

7.  By midnight he was so tired that he decided to

8.  He said he'd be there, but it wasn't enough. He had to

9.  He'd never tried it before, but decided to

10.He's scared of everything. In fact he wouldn't

11.He should  at work, or he'll get the sack

12.He'll and won't get another, if he doesn't pull his socks up

13.If she doesn't know what she's talking about, she should

14.She was going on and on. It was impossible to

15.She was shouting louder than the others, so I told her to