In each of the following extracts from a newspaper there is a misprint (a wrong word).  Decide which word is wrong, and type the correct one in the box.    The HINT box will give you the first letter of the word.

When you have finished, check the answers

1. Sheila is washing up in the kitten downstairs    

2. Police say the car was later found abandoned 500 yards away in a war park     

3. Three old men sat on the wrench eating sandwiches.       

4. February 18th, at Grove Road, Bristol, to Mr and Mrs Andrew Burgess, a daughter (bath well).    

5. The dog was seen swimming around, unable to get out of the liver.        

.6. He told the police that he had met a man with a ginger beer in the pub who had offered him £100.   

7. Pedigree Alsatian Pubs For Sale.    

8. Gardener required, part-time, 8 hours per weed.    

9. Fifty Paperback Boots, For Sale.    

10. Day and night security guards wanted. £80 per week while raining.