A phrasal verb is a verb which contains a verb and a preposition.

Examples:  "set up"  "bring about"  "look out"

"Look" is a word which, with various prepositions, forms many phrasal verbs.


look after to care for The nurses in this hospital are great. They really look after their patients.
look through to read    I looked through the list, but I couldn't find your name.
look to to desire help from He didn't have the money so he looked to his parents for it.
look round to inspect   We looked around the house before we bought it.

Exercise 1

Read these sentences and type the right phrasal verb in the box. You will find the answers at the end of Exercise 1.

I sat and some magazines while I waited to see the dentist.

When I stayed in Paris I the Latin quarter.

I don't have a job.My mother is over eighty, so I stay at home and her.

I hardly ever see him, but whenever he has a problem, he always me to solve it for him.

If we go on holiday, who will the cat while we're away?

Does he still play for Arsenal? I the list of players, but I couldn't find his name.

You hate the police, but if your car was stolen, you would them to find the criminal.

It's only half past six. We've still got time to the hotel before dinner.



Here are some more phrasal verbs using the word "look".




look up  to find information in a book I don't know where she lives, but I can look up her address in my diary.
look for to search for I finally found my glasses. I have been looking for them all day.
look into to investigate Thieves have stolen a valuable necklace. The police are looking into the crime.
look out to be aware or careful Look out! It's starting to rain.

Exercise 2

Read these sentences and type the right phrasal verb in the box. The answers are at the end of Exercise 2

I don't know how much a guided tour of London costs, but I'll the matter and find out.

Ah, Rachel! Thank God I've found you. I've been you everywhere!

, he's getting angry! He'll hit you in a minute, if you're not careful.

I couldn't remember exactly when the war ended, so I the date in a history book.

I must contact my solicitor. When I get home I'll his number in the phone book.

That plane is flying very low. ! It's going to crash!

I suspected that he was lying about his childhood and, when I it, I found out that he had been an orphan!

If you want a book, just go to the end of the road and the sign which says "Library".