(present, future, simple past, past continuous, present perfect, past perfect)

In this exercise, you must decide on the correct tense of the verb.   Type the verb in the correct tense in the box.   When you have finished, check the answer page 

I (eat) the evening meal yesterday with my host family when the telephone (ring). It (be) my friend.

"I (do) my homework already, so I (meet) you in the pub tonight at 8 o.clock," she (say).

So when I (finish) my meal, I (go) out.

While I (walk) along the road, I (remember) I (forget) my money, so I (go) back to get it.

It was early when I (get) to the pub so, when I (buy) a drink, I (sit) down.

While I (sit) there, my friend (come) in and (see) me.

After she (buy) a drink, she (come) and (sit) down beside me.

We (have) a good time. I (like) going to the pub.

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