These sentences could be present, past, future or conditional.  And they could be active or passive..

Decide which tense is best, type your answers in the boxes, then check the answers.

Note: some sentences work well in any tense, so there may be more than one answer


The film (be) rather long, and I (fall) asleep.

I (watch) television, then I (go) to bed.

We (try), but we (not able to) do it.

I (teach) him (speak) French.

When I (get) there, you (able to) start dinner.

He (be) hungry because he (not eat) all day.

He (cross) the road when he (hit) by a car.

I (leave) early, but (not be) home before six.

He (sleep) until noon, because he (work) all night.

I (like) to fly, but I (be) frightened of aeroplanes.

I (live) here since I (come) to London.

My sister (work) as a nurse for three years.

I (not want) to upset you but I (have to) tell you.

You (able to) learn a lot by (listen) to the radio.

I (want to) come to work, but I (be) ill.