In English you can use several adjectives together with a noun. These are the general rules of adjective order, but they can sometimes change.

They all come before the noun, each separated by a comma, but there is no comma between the adjective and the noun. Numbers are not adjectives. They always come first and do not have a comma. If there is a size, this comes second. Age and colour come next. Then strength, temperature and other adjectives. Fabric and nationality usually come last. There is no comma between compound adjectives, for example sky blue, or bright yellow. If there is an adverb with the adjective, this comes before the adjective.

Example: Two small, new, dark red, Swiss-style, wooden houses on the right.

number - size - age - colour - strength - temperature - other adjectives - fabric/nationality

Put the words in the sentences below in the correct order:

1. jeans small two denim of light blue pairs 


2. glasses of four Belgian strong lager cold


3. hot British I summers long hate


4. medium light green sweaters woollen three


5. British cars old four with leather new upholstery red


6. the lady grey-haired  old the in blue cotton dress long


7. blond young the man with metal small grey glasses


8. dress a large nylon blue with square buttons small 20 plastic


9. swim let's the in waters dark blue the of Caribbean warm sea


10.meal tasty a  very in a tiny French quiet village old