In English, you must put an article in front of a noun - 'a', or 'the'.   For example - a lesson, the student.

If the noun begins with a vowel, you write 'an', not 'a'.    For example - an apple, an order.

If there is an adjective before the noun, you must also put an article.   For example - an easy exercise.

If the noun is plural, you don't always put an article.    For example - we like apples.

If there is a possessive adjective before the noun, you don't put an article.   For example - my address


In this exercise, type 'a', 'an', 'the' in the box, or leave it blank.

Then check ANSWER

This is easy question.

May I have your phone number?

I have never seen elephant.

May I ask you question?

David is best student in our class.

What is name of the next station?

He has my car today.

I went to seaside during my summer vacation.

Is there public telephone near here?