This exercise will teach you how to use 'one', 'ones', 'the other one', 'another one'

Here are some examples:

Do you like this car?  No, I prefer the other one (the other car).

Please lend me a pen.  I can't - I haven't got one.

This restaurant is more expensive than that one (the other restaurant).

Choose the best answer from the drop-down menu for each of the blank spaces. Click on the one you think is right, then click on the answer box.


1. She likes both Bob and John. But Bob is the she prefers.

2. You always give me the same Christmas present. I want a different 

3.Which flowers do you prefer - these or those? The yellow , please 

4.Which is your car?The red over there 

5. Don't ask this man - he doesn't know anything. Try over there  

6.Which towns are the richest? The with the most people usually  

7. He lost his new anorak yesterday. Today he must buy   

8. There are 2 towns called Paris. One in France of course, but there's in Texas.

9. I like roses and I like carnations, but roses are the I like best 

10.This book is good, but so is that book. This is the I prefer.

11.My friend doesn't like green apples; she prefers red  

12 Where is a bank? There's one on the corner, or there's in the next street 

13.My old camera is broken, so I've bought   

14. Look at the crowds! Which are the tourists? The with cameras!  

15.I have the same sandwiches every day. Why can't I have different

16 Don't eat that cake - try  

17Which is your coat? The blue over there  

18.This teacher's horrible, and 's worse  

19.I hate prunes! You're not the only  

20 You can't trust politicians - conservative , anyway!