Here are twenty questions. There are three prepositions below each question. One preposition is correct, the other two are wrong. Click in the empty text box and type in the correct preposition.  Then click in the answer box for the correct answer. Question 15 has two empty boxes, so choose two prepositions from the three which are there.


1.  I go to school bus.
     with  by  on 

2.  Every morning I go to work the train.
     with  by  on 

3.  The film starts half past eight.
     at  on  over

4.  I really like listening  music.
     at  on  to

5.  Look that elephant! It's huge.
     over  round  at

6.  The train stops the station.
     before  at  on

7.  He goes the corner and sees an old friend.
     through  about  round

8. The river runs the bridge.
    above  under  across

9.  When you arrived late, I was very angry you.
     about  at  with

10.   I have been university  since 1997.
        at  in  up

11.  The car drives the street.
       through  on  along

12.  How long did you wait the bus?
       for  at  over

13.  What time do you get up the morning?
       at  on  in

14.  What time do you go to bed night?
       at  on  in

15.  I climbed the hill. Then I looked down at the village
       below  up  above

16.  The house was made   wood.
       in  of  to

17.  I looked my pencil, and then I found it.
       for  about  at

18.  I have been a doctor ten years.
       since  from  for

19.  A ham sandwich is a piece of ham two pieces of bread.
       in  between  through

20.   The sun is high  the sky and it is a beautiful day.
        at  on  in