A preposition is a word which shows how the verb acts on the subject of a sentence.


The dog jumps over the gate.

Here the gate is the object, jump is the verb and over is the preposition.

The cat sits on the chair.

Here the chair is the object, sits is the verb and on is the preposition.


Here are twelve prepositions:

across   after  around  between   near     on    through  to    towards    under    up    with

Read this story and choose the right preposition. Use each preposition once. Then look at the answer page.


Jim is walking along the street. He walks the corner. He sees a car.

A woman is lying the car. The driver is standing two policemen. A doctor comes.

Suddenly, the man runs the road. He is running Jim. Jim stops the man.

  a moment the policemen come. Jim gives the man the policemen.

The police station is top of a hill. The policemen have a car, but they are the police

station, so they walk the hill the man. Then the three men go the police station door.