Read this story. Then answer the questions.

On Saturday afternoon James and Mary Smith are at the beach. They have two small children. William is nine and Christina is five. William is playing football with a friend. Christina is sitting next to her mother. Her parents are drinking tea.

The Smith family also has a dog. It is called Rex. Rex is swimming in the sea. William sees Rex. He laughs because Rex is very wet. His father stands up. It is five o'clock. Dinner is at six. The family live near the beach, so they walk home.

Choose an answer and then check it


When are James and Mary Smith at the beach?     

How many children do they have?         

How old are they?     

Who is William playing with?     

What is Christina doing?     

What are James and Mary doing?    

What is Rex?     

Why does William laugh?     

What time is dinner?        

How do the family go home?