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1. After dinner, mother went into the kitchen to

2. There was disagreement the European nations over the common currency

3. Tomorrow will be sunny, but there may be showers

4. He's not poor. He came his parents' money when they died

5. You have to use your money when you don't have much

6. Don't rely on him! He's not at all

7. It's impossible to do about it

8. Just there, and don't move!

9.I thought Jean was coming with Tom, but she came

l0. Tomorrow morning the sun will up at 7am.

11. When I had medical treatment, the doctor was so it didn't hurt at all

12. book is that?

13. I have to go out tonight. Can you me some money?

14. She wanted a birthday cake, but I didn't know how to one

15. She doesn't say much. In fact she's a shy child