'A FEW' and 'A LITTLE'


'A little' is used with uncountable nouns.

For example:

I like a little milk in my tea

The opposite of 'a little' is 'much'.

For example:

I don't like much milk in my tea


'People' is an exception. It is uncountable but always takes 'many', not 'much'.

For example:

Many people like Beethoven


'A few' is used with countable nouns.

For example:

There are only a few students in the class


The opposite of 'a few' or 'few' is 'many'.

For example:

There aren't many students in the class



Answer the questions using a FEW, A LITTLE, MUCH, MANY

For example: Have you got any tickets? Yes, a few

Type your answer in the box, then click on ANSWER to see if you are right


Would you like some cake? Yes, please,  

Did he see any birds? Yes,

Did you buy any meat? Yes,

Was the cinema full? No, there were not people there

Do you have any letters? Yes,

Do you want milk in your tea? Yes, please, but not   

Did he give you any advice? Yes,

Did he give you any advice? Yes, but not




Put in A FEW or A LITTLE + one of these words:

friends  time  groceries  bread  money  questions   envelopes  cows

For example:

There were............ in the field

There were a few cows in the field.


I went to the shops to buy

She wanted to spend with her children.

If you look in the drawer you will find

All I had for supper was and cheese.

I went to the pub with

I could not pay for it. I only had in my pocket.

I would like to ask you




Complete the sentences using VERY FEW or VERY LITTLE or MUCH or MANY

+ one of these words:

members  food  sunshine  buses  men  sense

(Some of the words must be used in more than one sentence)


There are after ten o'clock at night.

There are not after ten o'clock at night

There has been this spring.

There was eaten at the party. Nobody came.

The club has . It's very small.

The club does not have .

like doing housework.

What she said made . She is stupid.

What she said did not make