Here are some idioms which you should learn.   But first you must find what they mean.

Click on the meaning you think is correct from the answer box.

There is also a clue which will help you.


a. a bit green

We can't promote him yet - he's still a bit green


b. spread your wings

The house is empty now that the children have  spread their wings


c. do your stuff

If anyone can sell cars, you can. Get out there and do your stuff!


d. out of his depth

I'm out of my depth with all this complicated computer stuff


e. past it

She used to be good at it, but now she's past it. Poor old thing!


f. a lame duck

It's quite a good class, except for Josh. He's a bit of a lame duck.


g. all fingers and thumbs

You won't mend the chair like that. You're all fingers and thumbs.


h. keep your nose to the grindstone

You'll do well in this job if you keep your nose to the grindstone


i. a good head on his shoulders

He has a good head on his shoulders. The company will do well .


j. never miss a trick

He never misses a trick to make a few extra dollars.