SOME is used in an affirmative statement with either countable or uncountable nouns ANY is used in negative sentences or in questions or in imperative sentences with either countable or uncountable nouns.
For example:

I'm going to do some work.

I can see some cars.


For example:

Have you any relations?

He hasn't any money

Tell me if you make any phone calls


In the sentences below, put in 'some'or 'any' and one of these words

tables  books  trousers  milk  fruit  glass  mess   boots  luck  tickets

(There are 10 words, but only 8 sentences)

Type your answer in the blank space.   Then check the answer box


Did the milkman bring ............. this morning?

Did the milkman bring any milk this morning?


I want the tailor to make me  

Have you got for the theatre?   

Use this broom to sweep up you make.   

As you are in hospital I've brought you   

Let's eat at Joe's restaurant. Phone up and find out if there are available  

will break if you drop it. 

How did you know the answer? I've been reading about it.  

I'm looking for some shoes.   Do you have?