Present simple He meets John He is met by John
Past simple He met John He was met by John
Present Perfect He has met He has been met
Past perfect He had met He had been met
Future He will meet He will be met
Future perfect He will have met John He will have been met by John
Conditional He would meet He would be met
Past Conditional He would have met He would have been met
Present continuous He is meeting He is being met
Past continuous He was meeting John He was being met by John
Present perfect continuous He has been meeting
Past perfect continuous He had been meeting
Future continuous He will be meeting John
Future perfect continuous He will have been meeting
Conditional continuous He would be meeting
Past conditional continuous He would have been meeting
Modal verbs He may, might, could, can (etc,) meet He may, might, could, can (etc,) be met
Infinitive (to) meet (to) be met
Perfect infinitive (to) have met (to) have been met
Imperative meet! Be met!



Now read these sentences. Make the verb in each sentence passive, using the tense given. Click in the text box, type your answer, then click in the answer box.

1.  I (drive) to school by my mother.  (Present)

2. The sick man (take) to the hospital by ambulance.   (Present continuous) 

3.  The car (steal) by a young man with long hair. (Past simple)

4.  In the future, English (speak) by people everywhere.  (Future)

5.  Nothing (achieve) by such a stupid action.  (Conditional)

6.  By the time we arrive, our rooms   (prepare) for us by the maid.  (Future Perfect)

7.   The crowd became frightened after three people (shoot) by police.  (Past simple)

8.  We are (meet) at the station by my father. (Present Continuous)

9.  We arrived late at the party, and all the beer (drink).   (Past Perfect)

10.  All workers are (pay) at the end of the month.  (Infinitive)

11.  That song (sing) so often, it's becoming boring. (Present Perfect)

12.  Certain mushrooms can (eat), but others are dangerous.  (Present)