Here are some useful sentences for travelling in Britain and America.

Choose the best word from the menu for each of the sentences.   Then check the answer.


1. I would like to buy a ticket to London. 

2. What time does the train set ? 

3. I will look it up in a .  

4. I would like to buy a ticket to Birmingham.  

5. Do I have to at Victoria?  

6. Is there a service?  

7. My car has broken   

8. Is there a around here?  

9. There is a problem whenever I change into fourth   

10. I also have a flat   

11. How much would it cost to another car?  

12. What time should I be the airport?  

13. When does the plane off?  

14. You should check one hour beforehand.  

15 are now boarding at Gate 12.  

16. When we arrive, Paul will us up from the airport.