You can use this test to find your level of English. First try to fill the gap with the right word. When you have finished, click on the button to find your score.
If you score 0 - 30, you are elementary. If you score 30 - 70, you are intermediate. If you score 70 - 100, you are advanced.

1. is the weather in Ireland? It's raining as usual.

2. Who do you think is better, Mozart or Beethoven? Mozart. He's the of all.

3. Does this car belong to you, sir? Yes, it is , officer.

4. Don't see him anymore, Catherine. Why not, mother? He's my boyfriend, not .

5. Did he fall into the swimming pool? Yes. I laughed much that I nearly fell in myself.

6. Why do you always drive? Because I'm a better driver you are.

7. You are a bad singer, Carol. I know. But my brother is even than I am.

8. Why don't you speak to him any more? Because I have to say to him.

9. How money did you spend in the pub last night? About 40.

10. Can I have a glass of wine? No, you are young to drink wine.

11. did your father do when you told him? He was very angry with me.

12. Did you have fun at the beach? Yes. We haven't had fun in a very long time.

13. Is Paris or Rome nearer to London? Paris. Rome is much away.

14. Is a bull larger than a bear? I don't know, but an elephant is larger than of them.

15. Is it a happy second marriage? It's a much happier marriage than his one.

16. Can you use a computer? No, but I'm not old to learn.

17. Did you go to the shops today? No. I to visit my father in hospital.

18. Have you seen John recently? No I haven't seen him we left school.

19. Did you go by car to work? No, I the train.

20. How much did you drink night? About eight pints of beer.

21. Have you ever travelled plane before? No, this is the first time.

22. Are we to the theatre this evening? Yes. I have bought the tickets.

23. When did you feel ill? After I had breakfast.

24. Can you play tennis? I have been since I was nine.

25. How much did the house ? 45,000.

26. Why did you the cinema before the film finished? Because I was bored.

27. Where is the station? About half a mile .

28. I leave the table? No. You have not eaten your vegetables.

29. How did you the evening? I watched television, then I went to bed.

30. How did you know I was back from holiday? I you from the window.

31. What can I do for you, sir? I like to buy a suit.

32. How did you learn to speak English? By to the radio.

33. My husband's very fat. He not to eat so much.

34. Who gave you the watch? I was it by my grandmother.

35. will you retire? When I am 65.

36. How have you lived in Scotland? Next year I will have been here 35 years.

37. Do you believe in God? No, I have believed in him.

38. I don't like cold porridge. I don't know who does.

39. Can I have bacon and eggs for breakfast? I'm sorry. We haven't got eggs.

40. Dad? Would you if I left school at 16. Yes I would. You must stay until you're 18.

41. What does her new boyfriend look ? He is short and dark.

42. I spoke to your English teacher yesterday? Really? me what he said..

43. May I smoke? I would you didn't?

44. Do you two want to get married? No, neither I Philip is ready.

45. How did you travel to Manchester? train.

46. When did you first arrive Britain? In 1969.

47. When did your parents take you to the zoo? my birthday.

48. Where did you learn to speak Spanish? school.

49. Go and play football with your brother. OK. I can try my new football boots.

50. Where is Daddy? He has already left work.

51. Would you like a cigarette? No thank you. I gave up last month.

52. Do you know how to cook? Yes, my mother taught .

53. What time does the plane take ? At three o'clock this afternoon.

54. How does it take to travel to London by train? About two hours.

55. How long have you been living in this country? 1981.

56. Where were you? I have been waiting two hours. Sorry. The bus was late.

57. Have you finished your homework? Not . The questions are very difficult.

58. I can't find a job, no how hard I try. Never mind. Keep on trying.

59. I am starting a new job tomorrow. Well, go to bed early, so you'll be up in time.

60. is he doing in his new job? He is doing very well.

61. Did you have a sore throat? Yes. I couldn't speak a week.

62. Do you see Bob often? I see his brother often than I see him.

63. When did his wife die? About ten years .

64. Why can't you telephone her? Because I know her telephone number.

65. Is a library in this town? Yes, next to the chemist.

66. Will you tell Mr.Smith you're sorry? No, I won't do it!

67. Why are you crying? I can't find my cat. You help me!

68. Which is the mountain in the world? Mount Everest.

69. Where will you go tomorrow? To the beach. I want to go in the sea..

70. is David? He is staying at a hotel.

71. What colour is her hair? It to be black, but now it's grey.

72. May I see your ticket, please? I can't find it. I have dropped it.

73. Where are we? We're lost. I know. We have brought a map.

74. Where is your watch. It stopped. I'm it mended.

75. Why is Ken thinner than Eric? Because he eats than Eric does.

76. Are you well? Yes, doctor. If it for you, I would be dead.

77. What happened? I missed the train. I'll be late, I take the car.

78. Did you catch any fish. No, try again tomorrow.

79. Where did you see him? I saw him football in the park.

80. If I gone, I wouldn't have seen him.